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Check The Reasons Why Christians And Muslims Don't Worship The Same God (Part 1)

Both Muslims and Christians claim to be monotheistic religions. They both trace their origins to the biblical Abraham. Many Christians and Muslims do not know that both faiths have contradictory doctrines which means that they can't all be right.

Others suggested that it is not important to compare both faiths since we all are children of God.

But is this true? Do they both worship the same Almighty God? Let's compare the character of both the biblical God, and the God of the Quran to see wether or not both Gods are the same.

1. God's name

The God of the Bible has a personal name in which he is called. When Moses met God at the burning bush, he asked him what his name was. The lord God indicated that the name in which he should be called is Yahweh/YHVH/Yehovah. On the other hand, Muslims are unable to tell the personal name of God. Muslims believe his name is Allah and not Yahweh.

2. Atonement

The idea of Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of the world is offensive to Muslims. Muslims teach that Jesus did not die on the cross nor was he crucified but it was someone else who was placed on the cross. Whereas Christians believe Jesus' blood cleanse believers from their sins, Muslims teach that nobody can die for the other's sins.

3. Deity of Christ

The deity of Christ has remain one of the most debated topics for the past 1900 years. Christians believe Jesus is God in flesh. God humbled himself like a servant, was incarnated in Christ and was born of a woman. Muslims teach that Jesus was one of the greatest Prophets of Allah. In fact the Quran warns Christians to desist from saying Trinity. Allah is not Jesus, and whoever teach that doctrine is deemed as a heretic.

Follow me so you don't miss the second part of this lecture.

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