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The Church Made Of Human Bones -See Pictures.

Sedlec Ossuary chapel in the Czech Republic, also known as the Church of Bones, is home to over 40,000 people whose remains (skeletons) have been used to make house decorations. When you visit, it appears to be yet another regular church with an ordinary cemetery. However, once you step inside the entrance, you will note that this is not your typical church.

This is due to the abundance of human skulls and hip bones. You'll notice right away, particularly as you approach the entrance, that there are a lot of dead people on the show. The roof and walls of the church are made of skulls, and the fountains are made of bones.

"How did this place come to be?" someone might wonder. According to legend, this site was once a popular place for people to be buried because they believed the church cemetery had some sacred soil scattered over it, making it a holy place. When the church ran out of room for all of the skeletons, they began exhuming them and stacking the bones.

Just hundreds of years later, in 1870, a woodcarver named Frantisek Rint wanted to carve and decorate the church with human remains. Frantisek Rint produced skull chains to span entranceways. Hips and femurs were used to make chalices and crosses.

Thousands upon thousands of human skeletons are stacked on top of one another in this place. There's even a chandelier made entirely of human skeletons. Also, the church is considered to have the Schwarzenberg family coat of arms, which is also made of human bones (can be seen in the images above).

The Shrine of Jesus is located within this structure, where you can toss coins and make wishes. It gets a lot weirder when you get deeper into the church because there are bones literally to the left and right of the house.

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Church Made Of Church of Bones Czech Republic Sedlec Ossuary


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