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Video: Deeper Life Church forced a man to shave his beard before wedding commenced.

This is a shocking news ever I have heard in my life. Religion is really controlling all aspect of human life.

A man has shared his ordeal the church took him through after he decided the tie the knot with his beautiful princess.

A man called Emolad has shared his story on twitter about the stressful event the church rook him through during his wedding day. According to him he had a small beard that he had kept for a very long time because he hardly grow beard.

On that faithful day, the congregation forced him to shave his beard because according to the church, that tiny beard would prevent him from going to heaven. This is how he narrated his story, " Still hurts till now,on my wedding day, I got the greatest shock of my life for this right there in the church, this was shaved. A lot of people ranted. They didn't start wedding till I shaved completely. They said I can't get to heaven with that beard. I'm a leader."

He added, " I was so embarrassed. We were taken to the mall, and shaving still was used in my beared and my best man's beared against our wishes. For the wedding to hold. It took me time to heal up,it hurts. So people keeping beard on heaven for you ? ”

His best man also shaved his small beard.

This was done by the Deeper Life Church. It is said to be their practice. So if you know you want to leave beard, do not enter into that church.

Watch the video below

The big question is, would you have shaved if you were in the man's shoe ?

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