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5 Steps To Welcome Angels Into Your Home

Angels are among the most magnificent spirit creatures ever created. They cut across cultures, time eras, and even religious beliefs. They're everywhere, and they're also one of the few major spirit groups with an almost worldwide appeal.

Angels, including Archangels and Guardian Angels, can enter a residence at any moment and for any purpose. Angels can be invited into any situation that needs a little more love, compassion, and understanding. 

Below are the 5 steps to welcome angels into your home:

1. Learn about the angels

To get Angels into your home, you must first study about them and then make a consistent effort over time. You'll be able to tell when they're close using this method.

Learn about the functions of your Guardian Angels, who they are, and how to choose a few Archangels. Then determine which Angels best resonate with you and connect with them.

2. Choose a few angels to intentionally call in

Choose a few that you'd like to invite into your space indefinitely. You don't have to limit yourself. 

Your list could be: your Guardian Angels, your partner's Guardian Angels, your children's Guardian Angels, or your favorite Archangels. 

3. Send up a request

Make a list of the Angels you'd like to welcome in and invite them.

You can make your request by writing it down, speaking it aloud, or thinking it. Use any words you like, say it in prayer or in an invitation, as long as it's a request.

You can also ask the Angels you welcome in to assist you with specific tasks, like as protecting the home, bringing in abundance, making you feel calm after work, and so on.

4. Incorporate flowers, garland and wreaths

Flowers are used by angels to identify themselves.

Angelic realms employ flowers like iris, gardenia, jasmine, daffodil, and daisy to signal their presence. Angels are typically associated with extraordinarily scented, euphoric flowers. Roses, Lilacs, Geranium, Jasmine, and other similar flowers are examples.

Putting these flowers in your home, or creating art with them, will naturally attract folks from the Angelic plane.

5. Create opportunities for bells and chimes

Angels can be called by certain noises, and some people can hear specific bell sounds when they are near.

The sound of a chime can call Angelic beings to join you in your present moment.

When bells, wind chimes, or singing bowls are played in your location, they can energetically cleanse and harmonize the air and space, allowing an Angel to come in and join you.

These are five things you can do to invite your Guardian Angels, Archangels, and any God Angels into your home for varying reasons. 

Please tell your friends and family about it. Please send your feedback as well.

Content created and supplied by: Bronzeman (via Opera News )

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