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Top Elder In Church of Pentecost and Millionaire Owner Of Tobinco Group of Companies, Atinka TV, Etc

The church of Pentecost boast of thousands of members worldwide, as it is one of the fast growing Pentecostal churches started in Ghana and spreading abroad. In as much as God, is blessing the members and many are therefore having thriving businesses, a few of the members of this well respected church who have made exceptional wealth from leading businesses include this man, Mr. Samuel Amo Tobbin.

Mr. Samuel Amo Tobbin is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, Development Chief, husband, father, an ordained church of Pentecost Presiding Elder and a financier of the Church of Pentecost. Rumours have it that, he is one of the 3 key individuals that sponsored the church's mega project known as the Pentecost Convention Center.

Elder Tobbin, as the Presiding Elder, means that, he leads an entire branch of the church, where he also preaches and prays for members weekly, at their services, as he is the Presiding Elder at the renowned, Dr. Thomas Wyatt Assembly of The Church of Pentecost, based here in Accra, Ghana. He is also a family man, still happily married to Mrs. Mercy Tobbin and blessed with 3 lovely children.

This branch boasts of great structure, well resourced office complex and growing numbers of congregants and aside the grace of God been enjoyed by the church, we can confidently say that, the wealth he is having and generously giving to support the church, has been very helpful in these accomplishments mentioned and more. Many members are currently employed in his companies, as especially mothers in the church, continue to ask for assistance for their wards after every service, if any youthful person is unemployed.

As a serial entrepreneur, as he has built a solid business entity with specific investments in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Banking, Insurance, Hospitals, Medical Research Center, a University College and most recently, the media with the outdooring of Atinka TV (that has a number of radio stations growing under it as well) all under the Tobinco Group of Companies.

As part of expanding his philanthropy to the needy in society and in line, with his understanding of the word of God, which he preaches severally aside running his businesses, he founded a humanitarian foundation that helps the needy in society and most recently during the national lockdown, this non governmental organization supplied food to several people in some poor communities around Ghana.

PICTURES Taken from his Facebook page Samuel Amo Tobbin. The ones with President Mahama were taken the then president visited his Pharmaceutical Company to access how the government can assist them scale up.

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