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Husband and wife relationship

Is This Right For A Man Of God And His Wife To Do? See What Reverend Obofour And His Wife Did.

General Overseer of Anoited Palace Church (APC) Reverend Obofour and his wife Ciara Antwi(aka Bofowaa) has currently posted a picture of themselves and has generated a lot of comments on social media.The reason being that, they are regarded as very key influential people in the society and so some level of maturity is expected from them.In the photo , obofowaa was seen in a blonde hair and Reverend Obofour also was in a certain type of haircut which wasn’t so cool. The question many people are asking is this right for them to do especially for the fact that they are man and woman of God.

As a man and woman of God that they are, alot of people expect that they live a life that will truly depict the true Christ that they have in them but it looks like they are doing quite the opposite. No one is here to criticize them but what isn’t right isn’t right.

Despite all of these things they do, they are really good people, they have given alot back to Society and is something that you cannot take away from them. 

Below are the Photos of Bofowaa :

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