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Blend Garlic With Scent Leave And Use It As A Herb To Cure Any Spiritual Sickness.

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Garlic is one of the most powerful vegetables in the world. It works in both spiritual and physical as a Herb for it's users, garlic lovers can testify that, eating garlic everyday can burn any fat in your body and can even make you healthy, it can prevent your skin from any damage diseases. (Zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine). It controls everything in our system and it help you to grow stronger and healthier.

Garlic has a positive energy and it has a spiritual implications but most people don't know this secret. Demons and Evil spirit have negetive energies, so when you are using positive to charge negetive, you have to know the results yourself.

Some people are battling with a different kind of diseases in their system, which they have treated it with all kinds of medicines but still the sickness is still there. Sometimes too the doctors will tell you that, they don't know or found any sickness in your body. This shows that , your sickness is not a physical matter but you need to battle it in spiritual realm.

In this article, am going to show you how you can use garlic with scent leaves normally call it NuNum in our local dialects to cure any spiritual sickness. This work like a magic but is not a magic , is a natural way to heal any spiritual sickness.

How To Do It

Blend the garlic for it to become soft and pound the scent leaves in a mortal, please pound it for it to become soft, use three different types of scented soaps and cut it into pieces, add alata soap (alata samina) and mix the garlic and scent leaves together, use your natural hand to mix it for it to be mixed, put it in a sponge dish and put it in a sun the whole day for the energies to enter.

How To Use It.

Say this incartations before you will use it, Lord of the most high , let your power enter into this remedy, I command the four square Angels to bring me more energies, Hodie, Hodie, Hodie Amen.Use it as a soap everyday you are going to bath. And you will notice that , the nature of herbs will heal you.

It will work within seven days and you will see changes in your life. It doesn't matter about your sickness , it work for those who believe and try it as much as possible.

Thank you for reading this article, please let me see you in the comment section if you have any Spiritual challenges.

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