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Six secret you must know before making decisions

As human we all have to learn how to deal with the matters of our hearts in a way to be at peace with everyone. In so doing there are few things that one must take into consideration before taking a decision.

Don't take decision when,

1. You are hungry. Most people take the wrong decisions due to hunger and sometimes sell their birthrights without knowing it and therefore we must be cautious to speak when ever we are hungry

2. You become too tired. Tiredness is another reason why people make wrong decisions. The Truth is whenever you are tired your brain doesn't function well and there by leading to making wrong decisions.

3. You are Soo deep in love. People make unnecessary promise's whenever they fall in love and this sometimes lead them in to trouble without knowing it and also bring down their reputations. Don't allow love to blind you, be cautious and plan well for the future.

4. You are angry. Most people kill, commit suicide, fight, destroy properties all in the name of anger and later regret their actions. Don't make a decision when you are provoke

5. Learn from problem and mistakes and not to judge Soo quick

6. Learn to manage people

7. Last but not the list prepare your sickle down

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