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End Time: See The Ammunition A Man Took To Church To Officially Repent And Confess

There is a Trending story that has virtually gone viral across all social media platforms in Ghana, where the National Chairman of the church of Pentecost were able to convert a distressed man, who walked into the church auditorium with powerful Ammunition of charm, as he was made to repent and confess his sins during the church service.

According to the information gathered by "Elder Godfred Asare, they made a general announcement to the notice of the National Chairman, and the entire members that a certain young man called "Alex" walked into "Konongo branch" of the church of Pentecost bearing the act in mind.

It was gathered that while the "alter call" was going on, the distressed young man walked towards the alter and dropped off the Ammunition before the alter, with some other Spiritual contents. He then made a confession that he has been making use of that over many years.

Furthermore, he declared that he intends to accept JESUS as his personal Lord and Saviour. This made the congregation to pray for him so he will be delivered totally. And after the church service, they set all the Spiritual Ammunition on fire after they prayed over it.

Meanwhile, the National Chairman of the church of Pentecost no doubt is glad, for his Bible teachings to his church members at "Konogo" hasn't been in vain, and gladly they have continually win more souls to Christ.

Clearly this a sign of end time, just like the Bible has stated that time shall come when people will prefer worshipping false gods, instead of serving GOD their maker.

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