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Reactions as Church Members Allegedly Demand For their Tithe, After They Saw Thier Pastor's New Car

Many people ask should Christians tithe? Is tithing biblical? All Christians should tithe with a cheerful heart. Christians encourage tithing. It's one of the gifts given out at each Sunday service. One can agree that tithing is required. A video shared by a popular blogger is eliciting reactions. 

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A pastor goes to his church with his brand-new car to show his church members and let them celebrate with him, but what he never expected or thought about was what happened to him. When he arrived at his church with his wife in his brand-new car, his church members surrounded him and began dragging him, pushing him up and down, demanding their tithe money back.

They accused him of extortion and becoming rich with their tithe money. The pastor, who bought a brand new Range Rover car, was not happy with what his church members did to him. Nowadays, some pastors will preach to their congregations to sole a seed, with the idea that the more seeds you sole, the wealthier you will become.

Most pastors drive expensive cars, live in mansions, and travel around the world; for some, the church is now a source of income. I believe he purchased his car with his money, and no one has the right to harass or demand their money back from him.

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