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"Curses Work; This Sermon Will Be A Lesson To Everyone" - Nigel Gaisie

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has come out with words that go against those who usually speak against men of God. He said this will be a lesson to everyone. According to him, curses work.

Some of the statements he made in his sermon is "it will be a lesson to all who speak lies and fight against men of God.

According to his words, he has been anointed since childhood and no evil plans works against.

He said as I quote, "you can't touch me, a man of God, and go freely".

He quoted some verses from the bible to support his words.

He said all of these in his post on social media this morning as away of sharing the word of God with people. He said, if a man of God curses, it works so everyone must learn from this and desist from fighting against them.

In all he says his teachings will be a lesson to everyone.

Screenshot of his post can be found below

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Nigel Gaisie


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