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Why did God created the devil on earth?

To leave religion, the only thing one needs to do is THINK. Critical thinking will unravel what your religious guides call mysteries.

There are no mysteries in religion. The only reason they call absurd tales mysteries is because they do not make any sense.

Let us examine God and the Devil. Every thinking being knows that if there be an omniscient God, who is loving and caring, there won't be a Devil.

It is alleged that God created Lucifer, the angel of Light, who rebelled in heaven and was thrown down to earth to torment man.

The big question is: why should a good God, an all-knowing God, a caring God, create the Devil?

If God knew that the Devil would turn out to be a rebel, and still went on to create him, God is malevolent and unworthy of worship.

If God didn't know that the Devil would turn out to be a deceiver and went on to create him, God could be forgiven but it shows that God is not omniscient.

I have examined the rationale behind the creation of the Devil and it appears to me to be the most stupid, useless, heartless, inhuman invention of religion.

The creation of the Devil by God, according to religious people, shows the mysterious ways of God. For my part, it is one of the most puerile thoughts that ever entered the brain of men.

It is an insult to a God, if there be one. It is not a mystery. 

It is perfectly invented to deceive the gullible and to hoodwink the unthinking.

No father would create a monster for his children. No father will put a snake in the midst of his children and allow the snake to kill them. 

Any father who does that is a monster that deserves execration.

If a father could not by any means give his children something as dangerous as a snake, why should an omniscient God create the Devil to torment His children?

Who can give me one reason why a good and omniscient God should create the Devil?

What was His purpose? To make the Devil deceive man so that He will have the opportunity and pleasure of burning them forever?

Why did God create the Devil?

Why is it that God cannot do without the Devil?

If the Devil should suddenly die, would God create another?

Does it take anything but common sense to know that the Devil is an invention of religion?

Does it take anything to know that no God has ever saved a starving child, a drowning man, a girl on the verge of rape?

Where man has been succored, has it not always been the work of another man?

Of what use have the Gods been to man?

Who will tell me one thing God has done to stop murder, kidnapping, rape, arson, etc?

Who will give me a reason why 43 farmers would be mercilessly butchered in their farms by Boko Haram while God watched and did absolutely nothing?

If a God cannot save man in distress and trouble, why should He be worshipped?

Again, why did a good God create the Devil?

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