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"You Have A Big Problem If You Don't Dream" - Rev. Isaac Oppong

The founder and leader of The Healing mountain of God ministry in the Eastern region , Rev. Isaac Oppong has said that it is mandatory for Christians to have dreams especially during sleep.

However, it becomes very dangerous when one consistently is not able to dream of which he described as a big problem.

The man of God revealed this assertion to Nana Kwabena Addo, the News Editor of Radio 1 100.7fm.

According to the interpreter of dreams failure to dream for one week to one month means that your relationship with God is not intact or firm. He explained further that every Christian who draws closer to God and walks in the upright in the sight of God, will have an encounter with God especially during sleep. "He will reveal mystery and prophecies. It can be for your family, the country or the church members, God will instruct you to do something to prevent calamity that will befall them in future." - He said.

"I always telling all Christians that they should not take their dreams for granted, some Christians don't have dreams at all which is very bad, others too don't take it serious after he/she had the dream. To some also who find it hard to understand their dreams go unconcerned." - Rev Isaac Oppong maintained.

He therefore admonished that people look for God sent interpreters to interprete their dreams for them.

"If you don't get someone like me or some who is equally interpreter of dream to interpret the exact dream for you, its also dangerous. if you don't dream it is very pathetic, so pray to God and avoid sin, God will reveal more secrets to you  which will manifest and prayer can avert any bad dream that can  have negative impacts in your life" -he advised.

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