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Covid -19: Cases surge as the world celebrates it's first Historic "Virtual Eid"

The world's total confirmed Covid-19 cases stood at 5,407,419 (May 22, 2020 , 06:32 GMT) amidst a tacit global EIDUL-FITR celebration.

Unfortunately, with the entire Globe battling the novel covid-19 virus, states and international organizations have been compelled to act accordingly , restricting movement and activities including trade. In Ghana for example, all social gatherings including religious activities involving crowds of people have been outlawed until further notice.

This had a great impact which served as an impediment to normalcy. Congregational Taraweeh and Tahajjud prayers and the public exegesis of the Noble Quran which are important engagements that are geared towards making the Muslim Ummah maximize the best of good deeds and remembrance of Allah SA , were among the least.

The holy month of Ramadhan adduces a plethora of unifying experiences and gestures within the Islamic fraternity across the globe. The ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, which according to the Qur'an (2:185), welcomed the birth and revelation of the Holy Qur'an about 1.5 millennia ago.

Eventhough, most of the popular mosques went virtual in disseminating the good news to their congregants , the impact wasn't as influential as the real experience. It came with its own cost and challenges.

Eid-ul fitr prayers climax this month-long period of total submission and rigorous Islamic acts of worship geared towards attaining Allah's pleasure.

According to ,Commenting on the Eid’s congregational prayers and what options are available to the Muslim community, Spokesperson of the Chief Imam, Sheikh Arimeyaw Shaibu said, “following the COVID-19 preventive restrictions on social gatherings, a virtual EIDUL-FITR celebration prayer will be led by the Eminent National Chief Imam supported by the Muslim leaders at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation house

The month of Ramadhan primarily seeks to instill decipline, principles and purposeful living into the Muslim Ummah , inuring to their closeness to Allah (SA).This is per the holy Qur'an.

"O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous "(2:183).

This 30-day exercise imbibed important moral virtues into us , as we painstakingly tuned all our five senses and our conjugant affiliations to the pleasure of Allah Almighty.

As the Prophet (SAW) once said ,"من صام رمضان إيمانا واحتسابا، غفر له ما تقدم من ذنبه " , we look up to Allah in optimism that He accepts our acts of worship in this Blessed month , forgive us our sins and make Jannatul Firdaus our final home.

The end of Ramadhan creates a new chapter in our lives , making it incumbent and mandatory upon us to apply such principles and decipline we learned in these 30 days.

Covid -19 still remains a great threat to the existence of Humanity. The global economy has seen a sharp decline due to this impact. A lot rests on our shoulders as citizens of Humanity to bridge the gap. It is thus incumbent and mandatory upon us to strictly adhere to the scientifically proven precautionary and preventive measures against Covid-19.

On this note I gladly wish all my Muslim family and friends an EID MUBARAK! Most importantly, a heart-warming EID MUBARAK to all women who made suhoor , Iftar and #Ramadhan20 a memorable bliss. It is also my utmost prayer that Covid 19 sees a decline and finally wiped out.


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