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Every Man is a 'Dog'; Learn to Tame Them - Bishop Asiamah of 'Ajaguraja' Advises Women

The leader of the Universal Spiritual Outreach Church, Prophet Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, also known as the 'Chop Bar' Pastor has revealed that every man is a 'dog', and so wives must learn to tame their husbands. He said that in an interview with Zion Felix of Zion Felix TV on YouTube.

The bishop was speaking to the issue of cheating in marriage by men. As we all know, cheating in marriage on the side of men has become rampant these days so much that it has almost become a norm. Some men are fond of justifying their cheating habit by citing examples by some notable figures in the Bible.

They opine that Solomon, for example had 300 concubines aside his 700 wives, and so there is nothing wrong with a man taking other women besides his wife. What these men don't understand is that the time of Solomon is long gone. Today, women have equal rights as men, unlike those days when women were reckoned among the property of their husbands.

Bishop Asiamah, reacting to the cheating habit of some men, claimed that every man is a 'dog' which only requires taming by his wife. He went on to say that the kind of attitude some women show their husbands causes them to go after other women. According to him, every man wants a wife that will respect and provide him a peaceful home, and so if he doesn't get it, he will go get it from somewhere else.

He noted that there are lots of single women outside who are eager to give other people's husbands nice treats in order to lure them into their lives. He therefore sent a word of caution to all married women to take good care of their homes and husbands to prevent them from going after other women.

In as much as the bishop's commendations can make some difference, it is imperative to note that some men will still cheat irrespective of how well their partners treat them. Some cheat as though they were bathed in it at birth. And so I believe men must also have a change of mind if ever cheating in marriage will be a thing of the past. What do you also think of this issue? Please share your opinion.


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