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Know who you speak the truth to, some people will hurt you in return. - Bishop Obinim.

   In a live video from the United Kingdom this evening, The founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has advised his followers to first know who they speak the truth to. According to him not everyone deserves to be told the truth because some will even hurt you in return.

   He said he is speaking from a personal experience. There are times where some people he approached and told them about true revelations he has had about them hurt him in return. He cited an example that he sometimes tell people to stop going to parties or stop taking in drugs, but they didn't listen and that hurts him so much.

  He also advised his followers to live life according to their means and they should always do what they love. “Life is not a race” he said. He told them not to compare themselves to others in whatever they do and they should always work hard.

  He aslo told his fellow pastors not to campare. Don’t buy a car because your colleague bought one recently, don’t say this pastor has 5 thousand members so at all cost you must also get same. He advised

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