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Pray This Prayer And See Change In Your Life.

 Good morning to everybody reading this message or prayer, weather your time is morning, afternoon or evening and you believe in this prayer it is going to work and bring you result. A lot of people fail in life because of bad tongue that has been used to speak against them. My brother or sister today this morning, afternoon and evening going, am going to pray for you and your life will never be the same. 

Lord God, who created heaven and earth today I pray for my brother or sister who is reading this message, whatever mouth and tougne that has use to speak on his or her life. Today I change everything from bad to good in your life. That tongue should burn right now so many things can change. As the Bible says at Psalm (12:3). All those silence flattering tongues, O Lord. Close those boastful mouths that say. So that in your power and your words your children can get what they want and no one can stop them from thier blessing.

Father of heaven and earth this time I continue to pray that your message in the Bible tellsme that without wood fire is out, without gossip, quarreling stop in proverbs (26:20). Today by your blood and your protection let there be fire on the wood, so that every mouths can be close and locked forever, also every quarrelling can stop forever Lord God in the Mathew name of Jesus. As today or tonight bringing my prayer to an end, the Lord God should keep a distances between you and your enemies and every human being who always speak bad news on you.

God should put you in his blood forever and ever. Amen. God bless you brother or sister who believe this message. Please someone also need it kindly like share and comment on. If you believe in this prayer comment My life has change thank you Jesus. Follow me for more prayers and information and news. 

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