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Warning Signs That The Holy Spirit Has Left You

Have you ever questioned whether the Holy Spirit has abandoned you? And, if you suspect that's the case, what signals has the Holy Spirit left you to watch for in your life?

This is the topic of today's essay, as many people, including Christians, wish to know if the Holy Spirit is still with them or has left them.

Here are the ten symptoms the Holy Spirit has left you that will plainly reveal that God's Spirit is no longer present in your life without spending much of your valuable time.

1. There Will Be No More Conviction If You Sin.

One of the indicators that the Holy Spirit has abandoned you is that you will no longer have the conviction you formerly experienced when you sin, leading to intentional sin.

This is why, even if another Christian tries to warn you about your sinful lifestyle, it will be of no consequence to you because you will be filled with your own evil ways (Proverbs 14:14).

The Holy Spirit is in charge of convicting us of our sins and acting as a watchman to keep us from falling into sin, but when we do, the Holy Spirit is there to help us,but if your watchman is missing, you will have nothing to warn you that you have sinned and need to repent, so you will continue to sin without consequence.

2. You don't have any spiritual fruits in your life.

Another indicator that the Holy Spirit has departed a person is that the 9 fruits of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5:22,23 will be missing from the life of such a person or a believer who has reverted to sin.

Instead, the works of the flesh, as described in Galatians 5:19-21, will now emerge in your life because a new spirit has taken control of your life, leading you to follow the sinful impulses of your sinful flesh.

This is because the Holy Spirit, who aids believers in walking in the Spirit and not fulfilling sinful sexual cravings of the flesh, will cease to exist. It won't be able to assist you with that any longer.

3. Evidence of the Flesh's Works.

Galatians 5:19-21 describes the actions of the flesh that will now manifest if God's Spirit is no longer present in your life to help you walk in the Spirit rather than the flesh.

This is why you will now engage in all sort of sins, including sexual immorality, inebriation, conflict, lasciviousness, and so on, which you never did when the Holy Spirit was still present in your life.

You can only defeat the works of the flesh through the Holy Spirit's power, not your own, which is why it will be impossible for you to live a godly life free of sin if the Holy Spirit has left you as a result of your sin.

4. The Absence of God's Presence.

You will also lose God's presence in your life if the Holy Spirit is no longer present in your life, because it is God's Spirit who attracts God's presence in the lives of believers.

Because God's presence, like the Holy Spirit, cannot stay in the midst of sin, it follows that when the Holy Spirit leaves a person owing to the existence of sin in that person's life, the Holy Spirit will leave as well.

5. Isn't interested in God's Word any longer.

A person who has lost the Holy Spirit will no longer be interested in reading God's word because it will become boring and uninteresting to them.

If, on the other hand, the Holy Spirit is no longer present in your Christian life, you will be more interested in the ordinary things of this world, which suit the flesh rather than God, as Romans 8:8 so beautifully states.

6. The Truth Is No Longer Loved.

In John 16:13, Jesus Christ promises to send us the Spirit of Truth, who will guide us into all truth and safeguard every believer from the deceit of erroneous teachings, which are prevalent in many churches today.

However, if the Holy Spirit, who is accountable for the truth that the Lord Jesus Christ mentions in the preceding verse and who guards every believer or true Christian from deception, is no longer in your life, you will begin to find the erroneous doctrine you once despised appealing.

7. I'm not interested in praying anymore.

Prayer is one of the most crucial backbones of every Christian, as it is prayer that aids you in fighting and winning spiritual conflicts, as well as your spiritual progress as a Christian.

Prayer, on the other hand, will lose its appeal if the Holy Spirit is no longer present in your life, since you will find it heavy. If you no longer have the Holy Spirit in you to stimulate you in prayer, you will no longer be able to pray for one hour every day.

8. No desire to associate with other Christians.

If you don't have the Holy Spirit in your life, you won't want to assemble and fellowship with other Christians because you won't perceive any advantage in doing so.

9. You'll Enjoy Sin.

You will likewise love sin if the Holy Spirit is no longer present in your life to convict you of your misdeeds. Because the Holy Spirit is holy and hates sin, there is no way you can love to sin if the Holy Spirit is present in your life.

If God's Spirit, which the Lord Jesus Christ infuses in you when you are truly saved and causes you to hate sin and love righteousness instead, is no longer in your life, you will now love sin and detest holiness.

10. No interest in spiritual matters.

Last but not least, if the Holy Spirit has departed your life, you will have no desire for spiritual things or conversations about them because, as 1 Corinthians 2:14 beautifully stated it, "natural man cannot perceive spiritual things that are spiritually discerned."


I hope that the ten signs that the Holy Spirit has left you listed above will assist you in determining whether you are still in the faith so that you may be certain that God's Spirit has not left you because of sin. Finally, if you found this piece helpful, please let me know in the comments section below, along with any questions you may have about it. Stay blessed, and remember to share.

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