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Check Out The Story Of Bono, Where People Challenge Each Other With Spiritual Powers.

Bono State was a trading state created by the Bono people, located in what is now southern Ghana. Bonoman was a medieval Akan kingdom in what is now Bono, Bono East, and the Ahafo region, respectively. The gold trade, which started to boom in Bonoman as early as the 12th century, was the genesis of Akan power and wealth in the region, beginning in the Middle. In Bono, one of the major religions is ancestral worship. This worship is done every Friday of the week. As a result of ancestral worship, many people worship the smaller gods, and these gods can be found in 90 to 95 percent of family homes.

When you give birth to a new baby in the family, the fetish priest or priestess sends the baby to the shrine, and it is believed that some spiritual powers will be invested in the baby. People have been challenging themselves spiritually by using these smaller gods' powers in terms of proposing to girls, football matches, fighting for land to farm or any other activity which requires competition. During the yam festivals in Bono Region, especially in the villages, a grand durbar is held, and most people challenge themselves. It is a sign showing how powerful each family's house of smaller gods is, and the challenge is between fetish priest to priest, priestess to priestess, ladies to ladies, men to men, and children to children.

In the challenge between two people, no matter what, one person will be affected and the person will have to be sent to the great smaller gods for some libations to be poured. At times, some people can challenge themselves, and one may die. One may overcome the other if the person knows the "don't" of the other spiritual power. In Bono, one can use his or her spiritual powers to take your husband or wife, which is ancestrally accepted. What are your views? Follow me for more

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