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About 25 Historical Bible Places You Should See

These are pictures of compilations of Bible places. Most times we wonder if such places really does exist. Bible places are preserved at their various locations to serve as historical events and a source of tourism.

We have read the Bible several times. Story after story, word for word. However we do not exactly know whether it's the truth or not.

Recently people who do not believe in Bible facts are making the public believe that the Bible is not real but just a means that the foreigners used to deceive us Africans.

According to them the took our gold and our human resources in the form of slaves and gave us the Bible in return.

This makes us Africans feel cheated but that shouldn't be the case because they gave us something which is worth more than Gold. They gave us God's word, peace and love. 

The word of God is outreaching and it saves.  

No one should deny God no matter the life circumstances because God is all powerful.

Take a look at these pictures and you will be amazed 

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