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Anglican J. H. S students making love After school video goes viral on social media.

I still don't get what is really happening to our world. Now the act of immoralities in the country has become a normality . This things sometimes compel me to ask myself, was it a crime to accept the Christian and Islamic religion in Ghana?, and I asked so because, hardly will you see what is going on today during the time that we go by our normal traditional form of worship.

Is another new day and as usual a new update. Two Anglican Junior high school student of one of the communities in Accra Ghana was spotted on a camera by seriously embarking on love scene shamefully in one afternoon during school recession. It was alleged that, these students are recognize by majority of the students as lovers. Kissing and other petting activities are commonly associated with these learners and they see it to be normal.

The saddest part of this update is that, their actions has been escaping the knowledge of the teachers and parents . It was alleged that, these learners embarked on their usual activities, that is , they waited for a long time in other to ensure that no one is around to expose them before they carry on their scenes.

Today as they carried on their usual actions, this poor lovers couldn't locate a proper secret place but hesitated to conduct it anywhere. Unfortunately for them, a teacher who is said to forget his lesson note in the school returns for it. To his surprise , he saw these learners of which they didn't even recognize the sounds of his footsteps. He therefore waited for them to finish their actions. So far so good they indeed recognize his presence after their show.

He therefore seriously reprimanded these students and subjected them to their parents. Although as alleged by the teacher, the parents of these students finds it difficult to believe as he began to narrate the issue but based on the evidence they later accepted. The teacher did well by not sitting on the case only , but instead informed the headmaster for an immediate action to serve as a lesson to all students and to deter them from such acts in the school.

I am hereby encouraging our youth to stay chast, as well as the government of Ghana should also make sure that numerous guidance and counselling unit are created in our various basic schools to help prevent all these activities.

Thank you .

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Content created and supplied by: Kwarteng William (via Opera News )

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