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Everyone was complementing her body shape until someone noticed this (Photos)

The Bible made it clear human beings created in an image of God, That is to say every human being is beautiful in his or her own way. Often times we see people shaming other's structures or their misfortunes. 

A lady has been shamed on Facebook after she posted a picture of herself. First it was her structure they found faults, then after they shamed her two apples. They complained that her two apples were too small, so why was her backside so large? They inquired about the nature of her structure.

Some suggested plastic surgery for her. They made her feel bad for sharing her pictures online. If you are a girl, and you happen to have her shape, will you be ashamed? If your girl had this shape, would you allow her to go for surgery just because people badmouthed her shape? What do you think about her shape good & bad?

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