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Check out the real meaning of the dark spot on the foreheads of Muslims

Muslims are a very prayerful religious group who practice the word of God according to the world of the holy prophet Mohamed and the holy Quran.

If you have Muslim friends or live in a Muslim community you will notice that most of them have a dark dotted black spot on their fore heads which many people wonder what caused it.

This dark spot is called zebibah and the truth is that the black spot is mostly found in the foreheads of pious Muslims who take their 5 daily salat seriously and are very good Muslims.

The dark spot is caused by constant contact of the forehead to the ground during Ruku (Bowing down) when observing salat regularly.

This is caused when the blood sells in the forehead donor clot due to too much pressure on it and there fore changing its appearance into a dark form.

Muslims unlike Christian who have no specific time or number of worship observe 5 daily prayers from sunrise to night prayers which include the fajr, duhr,asr,Maghrib and isha.

They pray by bowing, reciting the Quran verses and praising the name of the almighty Allah and the holy prophet Mohamed.

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