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How I Nearly Lost My Life- Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

Prestigious Ghanaian preacher, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, in August 2017 described the few adversities that portrayed his initial a long time as a youngster. 

In a meeting with Bola Ray on Starr Chat, he said while growing up he struggled various spirits and almost lost his life on a few events. The prestigious preacher said he used to pay visit to places of worship because of his ceaseless hunger for progress. 

In one such example, he demonstrated that he needed to forfeit his fingers for what he needed. 

He described, "Of the considerable number of fights throughout everyday life, the profound fight is effectively the most critical. It is constantly said that before anything of worth occurs in the physical, it must be settled in the profound. It occurred in the otherworldly domain yet yielded my fingers for it." 

"At age 20 something huge occurred. I had bad dreams, fantasy and heard voices at home; otherworldly voices battling with the voice of truth, effortlessness. I was caught by the soul, educated by it to light a flame and plunge my hands into the consuming fire." 

He proceeded; "I obeyed undeniably yet with torment. My lips at a point were fixed until the agony had gotten insufferable. My fingers obscured in the flares until they transformed into cinders. My yells pulled in kin who came and hurried me to Korle Bu Hospital where I was conceded for quite a long time." 

From the extremely modest beginnings, Duncan-Williams has ascended to turn into a wonderful righteous man who speaks to Ghana and Africa on a worldwide level. 

The Archbishop in 2017, was named by the New African Magazine as one of "The 100 Most Influential Africans". 

He is viewed as probably the most extravagant minister in Ghana and he is the first non-American to lead the prayer for the approaching President and Vice President of the United States during the introduction. 

All these and more accomplishments didn't stop by some coincidence. His life is an investigation of fortune and predetermination yet it is likewise a use of tirelessness and the will to conquer all chances both physical and spiritual. 

The Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International ministry Nicholas Duncan-Williams upon his numerous hardships while growing up have uncovered how his fingers got scorched and 'cleaved' off. 

In a meeting with Bola Ray on Starr Chat, and as observed by, the Archbishop Duncan-Williams said that While experiencing childhood with, various events, he almost lost his life. He fought with spirits and was visiting shrines.He underlined that, the hunger for progress made him visit sanctums for it. 

"Of the considerable number of fights throughout everyday life, the otherworldly fight is effectively the most noteworthy. It is constantly said that before anything of worth occurs in the physical, it must be settled in the spiritual.It occurred in the profound domain yet relinquished my fingers for it." he said. 

The Archbishop Duncan, known in numerous pieces of the world as the Apostle of Strategic Prayer, the 60-year-old included that; 

He had a profound experience with God on his bed at the Korle Bu encouraging clinic and everything changed. At the point when effortlessness discovers you, it doesn't make a difference who or where you are. 

The general Overseer was naturally introduced to a wrecked home, raised by a single parent. His twin sibling neglected to make it during birth. He needed numerous things during childbirth including the adoration and security of a dad. 

Food to eat was a battle. Instruction was an extravagance. He had nearly nothing or none for all that. He pushed trucks, sold biting gums in the city to put food on the table. 

He attempted to go to America through Stowaway. He went to Abidjan bounced onto a boat set out toward Marseille, France. He was gotten and was to be taken care of to the sharks in the oceans of Morocco yet elegance discovered him. 

A man on board had a child called Nicholas and argued for him. They concealed him in the prisons of the boat until they got to Marseille. He landed securely worked at the port for some time however got captured and repatriated to Ghana since he had no papers. 

Not many weeks in Ghana, Nicholas run out of cash and needed to do another stowaway, this chance to Israel, the place where there is guarantee. He went to Abidjan went on his knees with an intense prayers to seek God for a path to Israel. That, as well, fizzled and he has repatriated once more. 

He is richer today but poverty was his great friend in the past; a preacher man today but he paid visits to shrines and encountered spirits in the past.

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