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Why Dead Bodies Of Human Beings Are Buried Facing Up

You've certainly seen a variety of burial techniques from all around the world, but the most common must be burying people on their backs.

There are reasons for this, as well as beliefs that support them. Even though just a few people would be buried in this position, it is the most common. Although this is the case for the vast majority of funerals around the world, certain cultures bury people in sitting, standing, or face-down position. Regardless of which side you're on, every position has its own set of justifications. A funeral ceremony is a very important rite in most religious beliefs and cultures around the world.

The Majority Of People Are Buried Face Up For The Following Reasons:


Many people like having their bodies examined by those who are mourning. Because the face may be seen, the face-up posture for burying is usually used to allow for easier observation of the body. During a viewing, people want to see the face. Viewing is a significant and memorable parting moment for their loved ones, and most want to see the deceased's face one final time.


Several religious traditions believe in an afterlife, and burying the dead in this position suggests that they are ready for it. It is considerably easier to get up fast when lying on one's back rather than when lying face down. The dead are in this posture because they are ready to meet the Supreme Being when He returns.

Why Are People Buried While Standing Up?

Standing entombments are becoming increasingly popular. The body is not buried horizontally, but rather vertically. This minimizes the amount of space needed overall, allowing for more burials in the region. In certain cities, graves are being "recycled," and cemeteries are being transformed into parks and playgrounds.


People are coming up with inventive ideas as more cemeteries run out of room. Given the range of burial practices utilized around the world, standing funerals aren't unheard of. When the time comes, knowing your wishes relieves family members of this worry.

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