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VIDEO: Pastor Directs Married Couples In His Church To Pray Against Side Chicks Using This Direction

Some ladies have purport in their hearts to destroy good homes some couple has spent many years in building. These ladies are not interested in getting married because they claim marriage is stressful. So what they do is to get closer to rich married men and exchange their bodies for money. Sometimes the married men get soo attracted to them that they forget to take care of their family. Some of these cases lead to divorce, broken homes among others.

In view of this, a man of God has combined both physical and spiritual directions to strengthen married couples in his Church. The man of God told the married men in his church to kneel down and put their heads on their wives' chests whiles the wives prayed for them. In the course of the prayer, he told the wives to pray so that their husbands will only desire them alone.

The wives were captured praying seriously about this direction to eradicate all side chicks from their marriage. The pastor after prayer told the wives to kiss their husbands till he told them to stop. The man of God said that if this is done often no side chick can take their husbands away.

You could notice that after this direction in the church the couples were all happy and smiling at each other. Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that this is what true men are supposed to teach in their church once in a while. According to them, this can solve a lot of marital problems for the couple and open a new chapter in their love journey.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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