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The Real Word of God for us is TITLED : Be strong and well Focus in the Journey with our Lord Jesus.

Beloved. We can't serve two masters at a time. We can but serve only one. And you and I know very well that Jesus Christ is always the real life, light, way and the truth. That's why we claim to accept Him as our personal Lord and savior.

Now what's never helpful in walking in Jesus, is putting on an attitude of LOOKWORM, HIPOCRECY, ARROGANT. Wherever a man's love is, there is always where his heart belongs. So we must choose one. Is either you choose Jesus Christ and roots your heart, faith in totality in Him as Joshua ever told you.

Or you choose what you want, and stop misleading yourself. For example : Can that one penis be in two vaginas at the same time? Or can you open your vagina for two penis at that same time? So you you see?

If it's not so, then why do you doubt the creator of all things, and rather go to His creation seeking for limited help, which will ruin your life?

AS John chapter 15 the verse 4 has put it, let's focus on the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Surely the Blessings you are running after, will rather come to you in Christ Jesus. BLESS YOU.

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Jesus Jesus Christ LOOKWORM


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