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99 Percent Of Christians Don’t Understand the Bible Because of This – Rabbi Explains

Rabbi Leichem is a Jewish leader of the church and spiritual instructor. Rabbis are appointed by another rabbi after completing a period of study of Jewish scriptures such as the Talmud, which explains why 99 per cent of Christians don't comprehend this same Bible.

One reason for this is that the Bible is available in English and in several editions. Besides grammatical or dialectic differences, there are obvious variances in various Bible translations. He composed:

The above issue arose as a result of the so Enlightenment. Individualized Bible translations were fiercely opposed by the church. The church eventually failed, and this is still a major issue today. Praise Goodness, because ancient Catholic translation of the Bible, which was produced and compiled in the year 378AD at both the councils of Trent and Hippo, is still with the church and has 73 volumes, as opposed to the Protestant bible's 66.

Rabbi Leichem Chayim discusses why 99 per cent of Christians don't believe the Bible is infallible. "Reading the Bible outside of its native languages is like kissing the bride behind the veil," he explains.

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