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Mysterious happenings in church that were caught on camera

Lots of things happen in this world and it is very difficult to understand. Many things happen for your own good or for a good thing to happen but we sometimes do not see unless we see the results clearly.

Other things happen and the result appears bad but it is a very good thing that will result in at the background.

For example your friend pleads with you to go and escort her at a party and your mom stops you, later after three days you hear news that she is dead but you saw her just the night before you heard the news about her death.

Who will you blame, the party she attended? Never, but the real problem might be from the person as she ate a poisoned food. So, in everything give thanks to God, things really happen for its own good.

Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Church is a gathering in which the main aim is to praise, worship and pray to God. Some things happened in a church and is left a mystery because it's very hard to understand.

Below are some mysterious happenings in church that were caught on camera:


In the picture above, we can see a ghost like creature at the entrance. The pastor and his church members didn't see it but the camera did. This is why technology is good because it has provided us with things that will assist us.

The invention of camera's has made it possible to see and capture things which the naked eyes cannot see, let's continue. It was later seen after the CCTV camera footage was played.


The picture above shows a bishop leading a church ceremony and on the same picture, there is a red circle with in it shows a human with horns which will necessarily be a demon.

Nobody saw it but the camera did. This things are mystic because it is beyond ordinary understanding.

What is your think of it? Where are they from?

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