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Before you go out This Morning Pray with these Psalms

There are times in our lives when all we need is just a breakthrough and divine intervention. It could be a financial breakthrough. It could be that we need a breakthrough in a project or in our business. Sometimes it could be a breakthrough when moving to the next phase of our lives. There are periods when we are stuck and don’t even know what to do. And all we desire most is a sudden miracle, a breakthrough.

Most times when we are at this kind of crossroad in our lives we usually don’t know what to pray.

Divine intervention is the involvement (intervention) of God in the affairs of humans. It can be as the actual visual or auditory manifestation of God. Divine intervention happens when we say that we are going to trust that God is going to supernaturally do what is impossible and turn things around for our good.God comes to our aid when we are surrendered, dependent, trusting and putting our faith in Him, above all things. One of the ways this happens is through the power of prayer.

Allow God to intervene for you and your life will never be the same.

Psalms 91:3-5

For he rescues you from every trap and protects you from the fatal plague. He will shield you with his wings! They will shelter you. His faithful promises are your armor. Now you don’t need to be afraid of the dark anymore, nor fear the dangers of the da y;

Psalms 77:14

You are the God of miracles and wonders! You still demonstrate your awesome power.

Claim this prayer with faith and they shall be granted to you, in Jesus name.

1. Father, thank You for Grace and mercy towards me that You are interceding on my behalf.

2. Father, I have no one to run to in times of trouble or uncertainty. You are are my refuge and Stronghold therefore cause Your face to shine on me and family.

3. As I walk out the door, oh Lord, direct my path to divine greatness, abundant blessings and uncountable grace, in Jesus name.

4. Oh my. Let your rain of blessing and favour fall upon my head this morning in the mighty name Jesus.

5. Every evil cloud, covering my destiny helper from locating me, be unveiled in Jesus name.

As you share with Others, May God Arise and come to your aid today in Jesus Name.

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Psalms This Morning


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