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'The Restrain Is Too Much' That's Why We Don't Hear God's Voice. Do This To Hear-Apostle Selman

We are too busy as individuals; always trying to do this and that but never coming to the point of staying in prayer. It takes staying in the presence of God. You will never catch certain frequencies in the Spirit when you are busy moving around trying to combine spirituality and many other things. The presence of God is a full time assignment. Stay until the sound comes, stay until the melody comes,stay until the power comes. For when He comes, He comes with light and illumination.

Some of you have been praying, 'oh Lord, take me to a new level'. It's not just by prayer, stay in the presence, stay in the glory, that's the secret. The glory doesn't just fall overnight. When you pray, your spirit man begins to acclimatize to the frequencies of the Spirit. That's how it works. It is not a hit and run thing; you just enter and come out, no. You have to tarry in God's presence in order to hear from Him.

There is a staying, learn to stay in His presence. Blessings.

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