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Are You Wondering Whether Jesus Christ Is A God And Can Be Worshipped As A God?

Is Jesus Christ A God ?

Well after reading this article you will have your question answered. Before we proceed one should understand what is meant by being a god or deity. A god is a supernatural being with divine characteristics. Below are some of the reasons which proves that Jesus Christ is indeed God.

1. In (Hebrews 1:3) it was stated that he has neither the beginning of days nor end of life. Which implies that he is everlasting and eternal and NEVER WAS CREATED !!

2. He was referred to as " The mighty God" and everlasting father ( Isaiah 9:6) . Implying that he is all powerful just as God the Father.

3. He was and can be Worshipped as God the Father. He was worshipped and adore even at birth ( Matthew 2:11)(Matthew 8:2).

4. He existed even before the foundation of the earth was created. ( John 17:5) he was before Abraham ( John 8:58).

5. Though he being a God emptied himself and took upon himself a servant and flesh, he lived as a mere mortal on Earth . ( Philippians 2:5-7) ( John 1:1-3,14) .

In conclusion, the Godhead bodily dwells fully in Christ Jesus ( Colossians 2:9) which is the Godhead of the father ( Rom 1:20)

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