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Nigel Gaisie sends serious prophesies to Umuofia again.

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Nigel Gaisie, the current leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, has revealed new prophecies about an imaginary state named 'Umuofia,' which is identical to modern-day Ghana.

He predicted that 'Umuofia' and the rest of the globe will face enormous challenges.

From December 31, 2019, he claims, all predictions will be fulfilled.

In a social media post, he stated that such hardships would force 'Umuofia' to become a Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC).

As part of his prophecies, he stated, "Let anyone believing God for the fruit of the womb try their best... God will HONOR THEM in the months of May and June." In that way, the wind is ready to blow.

He claimed to have seen a bus full of schoolchildren, with a lot of crying at the conclusion. "Let Umuafia's BIG HOUSE pray for their heads," he urged. Gaisie hinted at a shift in 'Umuofia' management, with the elected administration emphasizing agriculture as the main source of revenue to the country.

Finally, he stated that a regime will soon be established in Ghana, with the majority of Ghanaians becoming farmers. Agriculture will be the nation's pride. Survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, but with God's grace, we shall be able to persevere to the end.

It could be remembered that, on 31st Night last year, Nigel Gaisie made a reference to "Umuofia," a country with parallels to Ghana, when delivering his forecasts. Men of God have been warned by the Ghana Police Service not to issue doom forecasts that promote fear and terror.

Following the watch night services, police gave warning that any Men of God who disobeyed their directive would be prosecuted.

They invited Nigel Gaisie to Police Headquarters after that, but the preacher later stated that the invitation had been canceled.

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