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Why it is Important to Explain Guardian Angels to Children

Angels and Guardian Angels have been assigned to every human being to protect, comfort, assist and guide them in their life path. 

Children adore angels for their beauty, imagery, mystery, safety, and protection. To be honest, we don't know or comprehend much about the angels who live lives so distinct from ours. However, we must guarantee that our children grasp the truth about who angels are and what they do so that they are not misled by popular culture.

Children are pure and innocent, but they are nevertheless ill-equipped to deal with challenges and overcome obstacles. Teaching them about Guardian Angels gives them a sense of security and protection. It is widely held that God gifted children with extra protection from guardian angels.

As a result, it is easy for children to believe in the existence of a guardian angel who watches over them. Adults can assist youngsters believe in guardian angels by doing two things. First, they might imply that their children's best friend is a guardian angel. But, first and foremost, a guardian angel is a true friend, a real but unseen buddy who is always with them and whose mission it is to look out for them.

When night falls and everything is dark, every youngster wishes to have someone by their side to protect them and keep them safe. And they've got it! Their Guardian Angel protects every child on the planet with his pure and unconditional love.

Belief in a Guardian Angel assists youngsters in overcoming their fears and insecurities. It also gives the child the confidence to pursue their goals since they feel safe and supported.

Show them religious books with many images of guardian Angels. Angel movies and other angelic toys can sometimes be very helpful in giving youngsters a clear sense of what angels look like.

Inform your children that angels do not commit sin. Angels do not experience time and space in the same way that we do. Their lives are not a series of events. They clearly understand good and evil and select or reject God explicitly. Angels make wise decisions. The devils are those who reject God.

Angels live in Heaven with God, but they can also appear to us when God so directs. Angels will never deviate from God's will, yet when we ask to them for assistance, God will respond. God is extremely generous to us. He permits us to assist the angels in protecting and guiding us.

Encourage children to communicate openly and aloud with their guardian angels. Teach the kids that an angel is always at their side and that they are never alone. Show them how to communicate in a trustworthy manner with the angel, who acts as your advocate and provides for your needs.

Given this guardian Angel Prayer to your children and teach them how to pray:

"Angel of God, my guardian dear,

To whom God’s love commits me here;

Ever this day be at my side,

To light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

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