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The Story Of Zeus- The Greek God Of Zeus

The Greek god called Zeus, was known for his power and great wisdom. Famous stories about him include how he would often swing from a cherry tree in the garden of his home, Mount Olympus. Though this myth has been heavily debated over the years, it should be pointed out that at least one of these stories is true. Zeus was really able to fly with the help of winged sandals given to him by Hephaestus.

These sandals kept him afloat, and were made of leather and gold. When Zeus was away from Mount Olympus, it is said that he would spend most of his time wandering around the island of Crete. While there, he held a court called the Twelve Olympians where judgment and punishment for wrongdoers was meted out to those who had committed crimes under the sea or sky. Zeus was also said to be the protector of the innocent and those who were wronged.

Wearing a crown of ivy, he would roam around freely, with great power and energy. Zeus was known for his incredibly large and muscular size, as powerful as an Adult Bull Elephant (about 5500 kg). Zeus was able to create thunder storms and lightning through the use of his mighty weapon called a Thunderbolt (a bronze spear that shot lightning bolts out of it), which was presented to him by Athena after she made it herself.

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