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By Force Landing: Alleged Witch Returning From Covent Lands On A Roof Top. (Watch)

According to some believers, witches and wizards have been torturing their victims' lives for no apparent purpose. Many people are still unsure whether or not witches and wizards exist, yet there is plenty of evidence to support their reality. At Gambaga, a camp has been established to house people suspected of being witches. We must also remember that being elderly does not imply that one is a witch or wizard.

People with the spirit of witchcraft are said to have the ability to fly to the Covent camp at night when everyone is sleeping to carry out their bad activities. According to legend, some of them are sometimes struck by forces greater than themselves when they return, forcing them to land by force. No one knows how true this story is since there is a condition known as sleepwalking, in which a person falls asleep and wakes up doing things they don't intend to do.

Some neighborhood members noticed a woman in her 50s sitting on top of a roof in this particular article. No one knows how she got up there at that terrible hour because there were no steps or ladders to climb. "The Holy Spirit is everywhere and has arrested you," voices could be heard in the distance.

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Force Landing Gambaga


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