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Adom Kyei Duah was misinterpreted This is the original word he pronounced


An invocation name used by adepts to invoke elemental spirits, guardian angels, in ceremonial magical ceremonies by members of the Hermitian Order of the Golden Dawn, members of the Wiccan society, and ancient Egyptian magical rituals.

PAPHRO OSORONNOPHRIS is mentioned to evoke the spirit of HEADLESS or BORNLESS.

The name was used in ancient mystical and occult rituals in Greece, Egypt, and Israel.

A six-month withdrawal from the world is required to perform the Boneless ritual, and a progressive devotion schedule recommends his eleventh month of the lunar month.

The name PAPHRO OSORONNOPHRIS is used in the Little Key of the Book of Solomon to invoke the Holy Spirit Guardian Angel.

Who can tell where or how this prophet got this name, but what is know about the name is that it is used by practitioners of Solomon's magic.

This spirit looks like a headless human because it does not want to reveal its shape or form. A philosophical work on this name was first published by Wycliffe and adopted in his practice by Aleister Crowley.

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