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Things You Must Not Do In Church To Prevent Bad Luck.

The following are things you must avoid doing whilst in Church.

1. Constant lateness to church services and meetings. It proves that your love for God and the things of the Kingdom has grown cold. Wake up before it is too late.

2. Wear your church clothes – You don’t have to be in your “Sunday best” but avoid holes in your jeans in inappropriate places. Your highest platform pumps may be dangerous as you walk up for communion on that slick marble floor.

3. Eat before you come – This is not the time to snack. Even giving small children finger food in church is questionable if you don’t intend to pick up after your child’s mess.

4. No chewing gum – Gum chewing in church smacks of rude behaviour.

5. Don’t leave until the service is completely over – Leaving at communion is the same thing as screaming in your loudest voice “Okay, I’ve done my obligation for the day”. You wouldn’t think of “eating and running” at your best friend’s birthday party! Or, would you?

6. Don’t be a “pew blocker” or “pew squatter” – Sitting directly next to the aisle and not allowing anyone else to get in is not polite. If you insist on sitting next to the aisle, be prepared to stand up and step out, so others can move to the middle. Do not just semi stand or move your knees, thinking you are leaving other guests enough room to get through. However, it is most heavenly to just stand up and move to the middle. It is also not polite to “save” an entire pew for your family when they are not there and people are waiting to sit down. Once the service has started, or even a few minutes before, all bets are off.

8. Ditch class and hang out on the grass outside with your best friend, discussing actual religious stuff. You really can do that in class, or suggest that the entire class enjoy the beautiful weather God has given us.

7. If your child starts to cry, take them out – Don’t spend too much time consoling a screaming child. It is considerate to remove your child from the service, so others won’t miss the message.

9. Don't take communion when you arrived late.

Arriving late to the Divine services shows lack of consideration on our part and poor management of the gift of time God has given us. As a general rule, if an Orthodox Christian arrives after the reading of the Gospel, he or she should refrain from receiving Holy Communion.

When we plan to partake of the Eucharist, we fast from food and drink from midnight onward and prepare spiritually through prayer. We are already unworthy of the Holy Gifts; therefore, it would be unwise to further compound that unworthiness by partaking of them after showing up late to worship God.

See your local parish’s service schedule for times, to make sure you are not late!

10. Don't walk in front of the Priest.

During the service, the priest will come out of the altar on several occasions. Whenever he does come out of the altar, take special care not to walk in front of the priest, especially when he is walking up and down the aisles to bless the people.

Additionally, if the priest is passing by, please do not grab onto his vestments. You can touch the hems, as did the woman with an issue of blood (Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5:22-43; Luke 8:41-56). But please refrain from grabbing on; this can cause the priest to stumble or trip!

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