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Gh¢100 Contribution Towards National Cathedral is a Misplaced Priority - Prof. Oduro

An Educational Leadership Scholar of the University of Cape Coast has stated that, the appeal by Ghana's finance minister towards the building of National Cathedral is a misplaced. 

Prof. George K. T. Oduro averred that "I convincingly find the Minister's GHC100 contribution appeal towards the Cathedral, a misplaced priority". 

I have in the past days been pondering over three issues relating to the Finance Minister's GHC100 appeal towards a Cathedral Project

Firstly, he said, I find it inappropriate that he used the floor of Parliament to make the appeal during a budget review presentation. "This is because, unless I misunderstood the motivation for the Cathedral Project, the project is not an official tax-payer sponsored one. In other words, it is not a Government funded project".

Secondly, Prof. Oduro wondered why the construction of a Cathedral be of high priority to a Minister of Finance when a number of less endowed schools across the country are struggling to survive?

Thirdly, he underscores the fact that "I'm a Christian myself and acknowledge the place of a Cathedral in the exercise of the Christian Faith. But I find it a misplaced priority when leadership commits itself to mobilizing funds to facilitate the construction of a Cathedral instead of mobilizing funds to support the revamping of community libraries, providing deprived school labs with basic science equipment instead of compelling teachers to improvise, ensuring that adequate textbooks are available to facilitate teaching in less-endowed schools etc".

He however added that, he doesn't believe that it is the presence of a Cathedral that will make Ghana a Christian Country . "I don't also believe that God will be happy with investment in a Cathedral when many  children and young people in our country struggle to enjoy basic survival needs". 

He took the opportunity to urge all Ghanaians who wish to respond to the GHC100 appeal to channel such contribution to a suffering school, a suffering clinic, a collapsing community library, etc. "There would be more blessing in contributing towards meeting the survival needs of the poor in our country than contributing towards a Cathedral located in Accra". 

After all, according to him, James 2:14-17 enjoins Christians to demonstrate practical care for the needy instead of merely praying for them. 

The Educational Leadership Scholar made these remarks on Saturday, 31st July, 2021 when his views were sort by this author on the budget as delivered to the people's representative in Parliament. 

He ended with the view that, considering the economic hardships we find ourselves as a country at the moment, he finds it very convincing that, the Minister's GHC100 contribution appeal towards the Cathedral, a misplaced priority.

Content created and supplied by: DCKWAMEKWAKYE (via Opera News )

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