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Joke For Tuesday Evening: "The Learning Wahala'

Everyone in one way or another has studied or wish to study something before. However, the difference between the number of people who actually studied and those who wished to study is very huge. The number of people who understood what they studied is also leads than the number of people that actually studied. Follow this and don't forget to let others laugh too.

The Learning Wahala

One of the most difficult tasks for any student across the globe is the ability to sit down and study one's books. After a rigorous search for the reasons why it is difficult to do so, a student decided to describe it in a funny manner as follows.

This student decided that to learn is entirely spiritual and/or a religious exercise. So instead defining studying as the process of learning educational resources such as books, videos, and other related stuffs, he decided to define it by the difficulties it comes with.

He said, "To plan to learn anything in itself is purely or entirely by grace; to go further to open the book and to read it is absolutely by the mercies of God; to understand what you have actually learned is completely divine; and to remember what you learned and understood is just supernatural."

This student might have got a real hard time opening his books to study. Don't laugh alone, share with like-minded students who are out there struggling to study their books to help release more stress.

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Learning Wahala


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