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What The Modern Day Christian Lacks in The Practice of Their Faith.

Christianity as a religion has been in existence for quite sometime now . A recent survey indicates that Christianity is the most practiced believe in the world. It wouldn't be far fetched to say that Christian's out number the followers of the other beliefs. In this post I would like to highlight certain things the 21st century Christian's are lacking in the practice of their faith.

Dating back to the humble beginning of this faith one gets to know that there wasn't that much divisions. Divisions in Christianity in itself was not a bad thing to have happened considering how it came about. Findings now adays indicates that there are over a 1000 divisions in Christianity and each of these groups have practices that are very unique to them. One assertion that all christians hold on to, is the fact that they are all heading to the same destination. To ascertain the truth of these facts let narrow it down to Ghana, in Ghana there are over 100 different churches and each of these churches have their own believe and practices. In fact the fundamentals of human existence is not preached in any of these churches it's very sad how all these churches are eager to build more churches to the detriment of the well being of their members. The funny thing is when you question them on some of these things they will boldly tell you the church is not a philanthropic organization forgetting that what ever the church has become is due to it members. 

One may ask what then is the modern day christian lacking?

The answer is quite simple . If one is to take a survey of a 100 so called dedicated Christian's and ask them what is "spirituality" ? ... 99% wouldn't be able to give a reasonable answer but you will be shocked to know that a real Rastafarian understands the meaning of this word hmmm . Amazing right . I believe Christian's now a days are not spiritual in other words many Christian's don't practice the very core of their faith. So what then is spirituality.

   SPIRITUALITY ; is very broad but in simple terms is a state of self awakening that is learning to obliterate one's individuality. It is feeling of having value for all life forms and seeing life beyond all our senses. Spirituality is not a day activity, is not a Sunday or Saturday service something is an entire life of dedication, a day to day activity infact it encompasses the life of any one who practices it.

The aggression with which some christian pray with is perplexing yet just after service or meeting they assume their former state .... this is not spirituality !!

The next item is almost a subset of spirituality but is an independent variable.


As it may may english definition of meditation is very shallow and if one is not careful, you may consider it as ordinary as it is in dictionaries. Funny enough meditation is one of the most powerful practices to be discovered by man. If even the ordinary christian is to meditate at least twice a day the world wouldn't be this much chaotic.

Meditation in itself is an end product thus one becomes meditative when you cultivate your thoughts, emotions, feelings and sense of reasoning to a certain level of maturity and discipline. Many christians all across the globe are lacking these two qualities. Reflection is a state of pondering over life. Very often many christians believe what ever is said by their preacher men. If Christian's will take the mandate to reason through some of the utterances of these so called "men of God" they will realize that most of their words don't resonate with life and as a matter of fact, they bear no seed.

   No wonder the average christian will only seek after signs and wonders 

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