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Funny Photos Of The Lady Whose Shoe Embarrassed Her In Church

Lady in green who had the embarrassing experience of the heels of her shoe removing in church.

An unidentified lady had an embarrasing experience in church whilst she walked back to resume her seat after she went to place her money in the offertory bowl.

Lady in green returning to resume her seat.

From the footage, it appears it was time for offertory in church, and just like it happens in most of our churches, during offertory, the congregants would have to fille in a queue to, mostly, the middle of the church where the offertory bowl is positioned to put-in their contributions.

Lady in green experiencing the embarrassing moment of the heels of her shoe removing in church.

So, the unidentified lady in the green dress, from the footage, like everyone in the church, walked to put her money into the bowl. Unfortunately for her, the heels of her right shoe went-off whilst she walked to resume her seat.

Man in white, behind the lady helping to pick-up the ladies shoe-heel for her.

Meanwhile, the man who was right behind the lady, as they walked to resume their seats, helped the lady by picking up the heels of the lady's shoe for her; since, due to the embarrassment, she couldn't return to pick it up, after it got removed.

Have you ever had such an experience before?

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