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Meet The Muslim Scholar Who Gave Reasons Why Jesus Is The True Messiah (Al-Masih)

Muslims think Jesus is the Messiah, according to Siraj Wahhaj, who claimed in a video that the Quran refers to him as Al-Masih.

The Quran refers to Jesus as Al-Masih eleven times, a title bestowed on no other prophet. He went on to claim that the Greek term for "anointed" is Christ, and that this is how Christians acquired their name.

According to Siraj, one of the reasons most Muslims reject him as the Messiah is since a messiah is meant to bring peace to everybody. As a result, he exhorted everyone to embrace peace, claiming that we all worship the same God.

After affirming that God can do anything he wants, he went on to remark that "Jesus is the Sign of the Hour," implying that God saved Jesus in a unique fashion by rising him from the dead and bringing him to heaven, while permitting other prophets, such as John the Baptist, to be murdered.

“The day of judgment will not arrive until several indicators show, one of which is the return of Jesus, who must come to fulfill his Messianic role as a righteous ruler over everyone,” Siraj concluded his speech. We have no qualms about admitting that we are followers of Jesus.

“When Jesus (Peace and Blessing be upon him) comes back for the second time, he will bring justice to the earth,” he said. He finished by claiming that ad-Dajjal (anti-Christ) is real in the Quran and that Jesus is the only one who can stop it.

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