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Things you have to keep a secret if you want to go far in life- Apostle Selman

1. Learn to keep your mouth shut.

Silence cannot be misunderstood so you must know when to speak. Sampson was a great man but since he couldn't keep a secret, he lost his strength. His eyes were taken out after they realised he had lost his strength because the eye is the light of the body. His life was shortened because he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

2. Be mindful of the atmosphere you keep.

Most people have lost a lot of things in their lives because of the kind of people they keep around them. Some people used to love God with all their heart until a player showed up in their lives and since then have been struggling with their spiritual lives. Make up your mind to show them the exit before they destroy your life.

3. Learn the wisdom of holding on to a message until it is ripped before voicing it out.

Not all information are to be told as and when they happen. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, he kept it from his wife Sarah and only son Isaac, not because he didn't love them but was waiting for the right time to relay the message.

All that some people can do for you is to join you in celebrating after an event has occurred and at that it will be very dangerous to let them know your plans and moves since all they will do is discourage you. Only a few can encourage you to reach your goal. May the good Lord open your eyes to see those who can help you reach your destination.

Let's wisen up...

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