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You'll surely be Providing for by God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

My Beloved in Christ Jesus and you who's not yet in Christ Jesus, and thinking that God Hates you. Never believe that God will ever be able to hate you. Rather you must live your life in Him.

Remember that the only one who created this world is God. And if He can create this whole world wide, and you, can't He give you anything you want if you humble yourself and do on His commands? This word of God in the Bible according to the Book of Philippians chapter 4. The verse 19. Have proof God is a special manner. Reminding us that is only God who can supply all our needs according to His glory.

But His people are rather looking for another thing instead of looking up to God.

All we have to do is to Believe in God. Live a Holy life, attending our church services regularly, doing unto others what is good, and giving thanks to God for our lives at all times.

Isaiah chapter 61. The verse 7. Said double portions is what God will give us for all that we have ever lost. Or I put it all that we've ever wanted.

Let us help ourselves by giving all our heart's to our Lord God. Our creator. He who knows the number of hair on our head's. Serve Him only in the Mighty name of His beloved Son Jesus Christ. And all you need will be Provided to you.

Bless You.

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