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Spiritual Benefits Of Garlic And Onion Skins Which You Must Know.

Garlic is normally used in our various homes for cooking and making delicious meals but we don't know that the skin of garlic and onion has spiritual benefits.

Garlic and onion skin can perform the following spiritual functions;

Protection, attract money and many miney.

Today I'm to highlight you on the spiritual benefits of garlic and onion skin.

Garlic skin should be mixed with onion skin and burn them indoors to keep/invite money to your house in a simple way.

This method is simple but works effectively without any failure so if you want your financial problems just follow the procedures given above to help you solve your financial problems.

Garlic can be used as protection to keep unwanted evil spirits from your house which will help you leave in a happy life and can even protect your newborn baby from the hands of evil visitors that will come for visitation in your house.

This method is very simple and fastest way to keep away evil spirits from coming into your house which may help you.

How to protect yourself from evil spirits using garlic;

Hang braids of fresh garlic by the door, to keep away unwanted spirits from your house and witches working against you.

Garlic can also be kept in our pocket for good luck or to attract good news which will lead to a happy lifestyle.


Pregnant women with hot temperature should avoid overuse of garlic.


It is noted that having garlic in your house alone is believed to protect you from robbery, ghost, evil eye and magical attacks.

Rob garlic on your pot before cooking to remove negative vibrations which might otherwise contaminate the food.

How to use garlic as self protection remedy;

If you are under magical attack or dealing with a nasty ghost, you can line bottom of your window sills and doorways with powdered garlic to prevent evil spirits from you.

You can cut fresh clove an rob it to your entrance to drive away thieves.

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Content created and supplied by: Asaliwe (via Opera News )

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