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My Guardian Angel’s name

What Is My Guardian Angel’s Name? Written by Michael Venville in Angel Data Statue of Angel Have you ever wondered what your particular Guardian Angels name is? Have there been times when you wanted to be suitable to say a prayer to summon your Guardian Angel for help?

My path to discover which angel was my Guardian Angel started out of curiosity. I wanted to be suitable to supplicate and summon my guardian angel to come and help me in times of stress or need, but I had no idea which angel I should be soliciting to.

I started to read further and further and snappily plant out that your full name name at the time of your birth and the date you were born are incredibly important when it comes to which angel is assigned to be your guardian. Each person is assigned one of several guardian archangels at their birth. They are also assigned at least one guardian angel.

There are 72 known guardian angels. There is some belief that these angels are assigned on a schedule of five- day intervals. Still, that would determine your guardian angel, If you were born within a specific five- day interval. Still, there are some people who have further than one guardian angel that watches over them. The swish system for determining the name of your guardian angel is to find which of the guardian archangels where assigned to you.

Once you know the name of your archangel, you can call upon them to guide you or shoot to you the name of your guardian angel. Your guardian archangel can be determined by chancing your celestial number using your name and your birthdate. First, you must take your full name initials given to you at birth. Still, handover, or other reasons, If you changed your name due to marriage.

Each letter represents a number between 1 and 9. This list will help you find the applicable numbers. A, J, S = 1 B, K, T = 2 C, L, U = 3 D, M, V = 4 E, N, W = 5 F, O, X = 6 G, P, Y = 7 H, Q, Z = 8 I, R = 9 Once you have the number for each letter, add those together. For illustration, John Mark Doe would use the initials JMD. Next, you would add each of those numbers to your birthdate. John’s birthdate is05/02/1972. John’s addition problem would be 1 4 4 0 5 0 2 1 9 7 2. This would equal 35. Next, add those two numbers together, 3 5. The final number would be 8. The number 8 corresponds with the Archangel Raziel. John could also communicate Raziel to find out his guardian angel. To find your archangel, simply add your numbers and match it to the list below

• 1 – Archangel Raguel – Raguel means the friend of God. Raguel is the archangel of justice and harmony.

• 2 – Archangel Uriel – Uriel means the honey of God. Uriel is the archangel of wisdom.

• 3 – Archangel Jophiel – Jophiel means the beauty of God. Jophiel is the archangel of beauty and peace.

• 4 – Archangel Haniel – Haniel means the joy of God. Haniel is the archangel of joy and grace.

• 5 – Archangel Jeremiel – Jeremiel means the mercy of God. Jeremiel is the archangel of fancies and dreams. • 6 – Archangel Michael – Michael means he who is as God. Michael is the leader of God’s army.

• 7-Archangel Raphael – Raphael means he who heals. Raphael is the archangel of mending and verity.

• 8 – Archangel Raziel – Raziel means the secret of God. Raziel is the keeper of secrets.

• 9 – Archangel Ariel – Ariel means the captain of God. Ariel is the archangel of nature. Calling upon your guardian archangel by name will allow them to help guide you and help you make contact with your guardian angel. One of the swish styles for reaching your guardian archangel is through contemplation. Once you reach the reflective state, you are more suitable to reach out to your angel.

Unfortunately, it can be delicate to reach that reflective state when starting out. But, there are various jewels that can give backing in contemplation and reaching your angel. The coming swish way to summon your guardian angel is by prayer. Go to our Prayers to Archangels runner and find your angel there. Click on your angel and says follow the prayers to summon your Guardian Angel.

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