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“They Met In A Hotel In Accra And Edited The Audio Of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills” – Captain Smart

The brouhaha behind a leaked audio of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills seems not to end any time soon. The man of God has come under so much attack after the release of the audio to the general public. According to Bishop Dag, the audio was part of a sermon he preached 20 years ago. This sermon was with some of his pastors. He has subsequently written an apology letter. Manhyia Palace have however refused the apology and called on Dag Heward Mills to come in person and apologize.

Captain Smart has added his voice to the ongoing brouhaha and has noted that the man of God made a mistake but this was a part of a sermon the man of God preached 20 years ago where he used the King of Swaziland as an example to illustrate bad governance. According to Smart, he knows the men behind the tape and those people want to destroy the Asante overlord and Dag Heward Mills

“You people should not make me spill secrets. When something goes wrong in Accra, the Ga Mantse is never mentioned, and yet when something goes wrong in Kumasi, people blame the Asantehene. Why are politicians trying to destroy the Asantehene? I have been PRO of the Asantehene Education Fund for 3 years so I know Otumfuo.

I admire Bishop Dag Heward-Mills for admitting that he made the statement. He made a mistake and has admitted. The audio was pulled out by some of his embittered pastors. One of them is a tall figure. They plan to destroy Dag. They took some messages of Bishop Dag and edited portions. They had a meeting in Achimota and the guy who did the editing was one Wolanyo. Wolanyo, are you an animal or human? If they try me I will spill the secrets. All those who met in the hotel, I know you” Captain Smart said

It is yet to be seen if Bishop Dag Heward Mills will visit Manhyia and apologize before Otumfuo. Interesting times lie ahead. How a 20 years’ audio suddenly pops up -especially at a time that both Dag Heward Mills has come under pressure from some reneged pastors and Otumfuo receiving criticisms- cannot be far fetched 

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