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Three (3) Things To Use To Revoke Curses Into Blessings.

Rev Kwesi Amagyei revealed on live radio program a lot of things about curses, people get cursed without knowing and how to revoke curse if you have been cursed.

He revealed there are three major items or things that are used in revoking curses in riches whether it's in your family or not. These three items are Water, Salt and Palm oil.

How to use these things to revoke curses are very simple, he said first you have to pour the water into a glass then the salt and add it to it and the last thing is to add the palm oil to it. You these things mixed together on your skin daily for a week.

Note this very carefully this can only be performed on the day you were born and it is done for a week and also read Psalm 2 all complete then bath to wash it off. After you are done with these you will start seeing changes in your life from that day on.

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