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12 Things To Pray About To End The Year 2021 With A Testimony

Each year is filled with so many twists and turns but do you know the things that you should pray about as the year 2021 comes to an end? Each year, many people have high hopes that the next year will be better but little is sometimes achieved regardless of all efforts you make. In this article, I am going to remind you of important things you must forget to pray about as the year 2021 wraps up and comes to an end.

1. Prayer of thanksgiving, adoration and worship. You must learn to thank God for how far He has brought you. Many have died and are no more. It is just by grace that you are still alive. Let your thanksgiving and worship be more than your requests.

2. Ask for forgiveness and forgive others too: Yes, you have to ask for forgiveness. The LORD must forgive you for the many sins you have committed in this year whether willingly or unwillingly. Sometimes, the very things you think about alone are sinful. Forgiveness restores your lost relationship back to God. No matter how bad someone has hurt you, if you do not forgive them, God will not also forgive you.

3. Pray for favour and grace for your visions not yet achieved for the year 2021: It is very easy to have plans and visions in life but the most difficult part is working to fulfill them. One prayer of faith can release and open doors that have been shut for years.


4. Pray for the finishing grace to finish the year on a good note: My friend, we have always heard of many people dying on 31st December night and could not see the next year. This means they managed to reach the finishing line but their lives ended there and could not crossover. You need the grace of God to reach and finish well on a good note.

5. Pray for good health and against sickness: One of the worst experiences to end the year with is to spend your Christmas holidays and times of Christmas Convention on admission in the hospital. May the LORD sanctify your food and water so that you may not fall sick in Jesus’ Name.

6. Payer against accidents and death: If the Christmas season will be a memorable one worth remembering, then pray and avert every spirit of death and accidents that wants to visit your family.May the LORD rebuke every blooding sucking spirit that is thirsty for the souls of men!  

7. Pray for the grace of God for restoration of huge losses and opportunities: Sometimes, you may painfully lose some opportunities and miss some chances that may have a negative toll on you but the grace of God restores and changes stories. 

8. Pray for divine connection: When God connects the right people into your life, your struggles and the worthless efforts for all these years will change and be worth it to make life more meaningful. One person divinely connected to you by God is far better than a thousand people in your life who have no bearing in your future.


9. Pray for your family, friends, and loved ones. The truth is that, if it is well with them, then it means that it is well with you. Any bad news that hits any of them has also hit you directly or indirectly.

10. Pray for all your pastors, church leaders and others too: There is power in both corporate and individual prayers. Whenever you go on your knees to pray, do not forget your pastors who have been praying for you all the time. They also need your prayers too.

11. New ideas for the new year 2022: Do not wait until the year 2021 ends before you begin to pray for directions and ideas for the year 2022. This is the time you have to start praying now. Prayer brings divine directions which enable you to avoid so many traps in life.

12. Pray for your country, leadership at the workplace, and the government of the day. Praying for those in leadership at your workplace and in government may seem not necessary but a single action taken by any of these two can cause and cost your life for a long time.

There are a lot of things you have to pray about as the year is getting to an end. Do not wait until it is too late. Share your experience with us by commenting and sharing. Do not forget to follow me for more updates.

Content created and supplied by: Mr_Deep_Thinker (via Opera News )



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